R John Webb: Musician, Man of Words, Mister of  Reinvention, Master of the Personality (crisis). 

He has come to us in many guises. Throughout the 2010s  he appeared as the 'Southern Gospel Preacher' of Cow Punk Blues band Rhino &The Ranters. 

Then he morphed into the introspective troubadour with his old guitar telling sad stories about the death of kings. 

Now he returns as DANDY THE VANDAL  the time-travelling rocker from the 1970s come to save Britain from itself.

In the 2010s  he appeared as the 'southern gospel preacher' frontman character in his Cow Punk Blues band, Rhino &The Ranters, that has included Richard March (PWEI, Bentley Rhythm Ace) and Pete Hammond (Au Pairs) among its numbers. He released his album 'The Hanging Room' (2012) and an EP, Half Quixote (2016)  as Rhino and The Ranter

Webb is a somewhat of an enigmatic cult figure on the scene, striking fast with his insanely energetic live shows and then promptly disappearing back into the underworld, leaving his audiences dazed and confused in his wake. 

He returns with his new album "The Ingenious Gentleman Dandy The Vandal and The Godforsaken Sweethearts" that introduces his latest character Dandy The Vandal, a time-travelling rocker from the 1970s come to save Britain from itself! The album and the character are irreverent, anarchistic and meta, revealing an ironic and witty look at the current state of the nation. 

Webb presents a strange dichotomy; blending his desire for the flamboyant and the fabulous with his love of the DIY, primitive, home recording aesthetic. He has as much in common with Shirley Bassey and Elton John as he does with R Stevie Moore and Elliott Smith. 

He is Protean, a shapeshifter, a pain in the arse,  a marketer's nightmare.

R John and his bands are considered among Birmingham's most accomplished live bands playing to thousands at Moseley Folk Festival, Lunar Festival, Shambala, Bearded Theory, The Kings Heath Street Festival . 

R John Webb has supported the likes of Kid Congo and The Pink Monkey Birds,The Wonder Stuff, C W Stoneking, The Wave Pictures, The Men They Couldn't Hang, Soledad Brothers and many more

Rhino The Ranter

R John The Troubadour

Dandy The Vandal